Siberian cedar nut oil is only a complementary therapy, and should not be considered as an alternative to conventional medical treatment for any specific health problem.


Improves blood composition,  has a normalising effect on the walls of the blood vessels, increases their elasticity and lowers their permeability;

Assists with the load on digestive tract, heals ulcerations and reduces damage caused to the digestive tract by free radicals;

Stimulates growth of the beneficial intestinal bacteria;

Protects stomach’s mucosal lining and strengthens immune system;

Helps preventing development of tuberculosis and anaemia;

The oil is used for prophylactic purposes in atherosclerosis, hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver;

Normalises activity of the nervous system;

Increases the level of lactation, improves the composition of the milk and prevents occurence of intestinal pain in infants;

Indispensable in child nutrition from year one, since it promotes growth of the human organism and supports the immune system;

As a remedy for stomatitis, parodontosis, and as an analgesic and antibacterial agent;


As a remedy for tonsillitis, respiratory illnesses and influenza;

Promotes the restoration of male potency (due to a high quantity of vitamin E).

Neutralises the effect for many poisons, thus highly recommended where the atmosphere strongly polluted by gas emissions.

Siberian cedar nut oil can remove the remains of GMOs from the system, and cedar resin restores the structure of cells.


Siberian cedar nut oil can be used as a dressing for various dishes, including salads. The unique taste of Siberian cedar oil will add a special touch to your favourite dish, and enhance the taste of products.

Combined with fresh vegetables and green herbs, Siberian cedar nut oil will fill you with energy, reduce fatigue when you are under pressure, and help you feel light and invigorated.

Using Siberian cedar nut oil when preserving food, you will greatly increase the shelf life of your products, and give it a special flavour.

Your pastry will have a unique taste if you add Siberian cedar nut oil to the dough before baking it.


If you are a foodie, you can improvise—serve mushrooms, sturgeon, pancakes, or plain boiled potatoes with Siberian cedar nut oil, and you will feel the difference in taste.


Siberian cedar nut oil is used by virtually all world leading cosmetologists for cosmetic purposes.

The oil is one of the naturopathic forms of influencing the body. The basic principle of naturopathic cosmetics is the absolute chemical purity of the production cycle from raw materials processing to canning. Siberian cedar nut oil, valued for its organic composition, is produced via cold extraction, which makes it possible to preserve all of its medicinal properties.

The high biological value of Siberian cedar nut oil is determined by the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, and essential amino acids.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, which prevents the formation of peroxide products in the cell; it is involved in the processes of tissue respiration (stabilises the synthesis of vitamins A and D).

Siberian cedar oil is the basis for dermal administration of biologically active substances, and is indispensable as a therapeutic and preventive cosmetic product.


Contrary to the general misconception, oily skin needs valuable organic substances no less than dry skin. Therefore, the use of Siberian cedar oil is recommended for people with various types of skin.

Having only Siberian cedar oil at hand, one can provide proper care for the skin: it can be used to cleanse, nourish and protect skin on all body parts. Not only does it perfectly dissolve and remove impurities, including make-up, but, simultaneously, it enriches the skin with nutrients.

When it comes to external use, Siberian cedar nut oil is well absorbed into the skin, promoting the following effects:

Perfectly softens face and body skin, making it more elastic, and helps retain the natural moisture of any skin type;

Being an excellent natural UV filter, it protects the skin from harmful sun rays. A little Siberian cedar nut oil can be applied to the face and exposed areas of the body before going out or sunbathing;

Promotes the healing of wounds and erosions on the skin and mucous membranes after injuries, burns and inflammations;

Soothes, relieves itching, redness and swelling after allergic reactions on the skin;

Provides an excellent contact surface for massage;

Is a soft regenerating baby oil, and is used for gentle baby skin care (in the case of diaper rash, diathesis, and for the prevention of dermatitis);

Gently removes surface contaminants (dust, make-up); it can be used to remove make-up, especially in areas around the eyes;

Can be used as a basis for essential oils, i.e., in aromatherapy;

Restores hair structure, nourishes hair, makes it strong and shiny.

Siberian cedar nut oil is a breath of life, a drink of energy given to us by the Siberian taiga.